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During your research you’ve probably found it overwhelming trying to understand the many variations, shapes and sizes. At CE, we believe that the more informed you are about the different types of implants and variations before getting your surgery – the results you will get from your breast augmentation will be realistic.

Round and Teardrop are the two available breast implants in Australia. You could have a preference prior to meeting with your surgeon, however, our advice is not to have your heart set on one particular shape without exploring your different options first.
Your Surgeon will always choose the best implant for your personal body type as well as your personal preference.
Implant shape is dependent on:

  • Your personal body type
  • Your individual anatomy in particular chest shape
  • The amount
  • Nipple position
  • The position or shape of your natural breast tissue
  • The natural distance between your breasts
  • The distance from your nipple to your inframammary fold
  • The level of ptosis (sagging)
  • Your desired look

As a general goal, the surgeons always want the nipple to be in front of the highest point of projection. In round implants it naturally sits in the centre, and in Teardrop implants – slightly lower. This can actually be the initial indicator as to which implant suits your body better. Should the nipple sit below this point, it can cause your nipple position to angle down which will give the illusion that your breasts are saggy even if they’re not.

Teardrop Implants

This breast implant shape is growing and becoming a more popular choice for a lot of women. The implant is naturally shaped like a teardrop. Therefore, the implant quite closely copies the natural breast shape and creates a smoother, tapered upper pole transition for a natural shape of the breast and would generally suit more women compared to the round shape. Teardrop implants are a great choice for those with lower body fat and less tissues, or want a very natural appearance.

You may be a suitable candidate for Teardrop implants if you have:

  • Slim or petite body type
  • Low nipple placement
  • Wider set breasts
  • Short distance from areola to breast fold

Advantages of a Teardrop Breast Implant:

  • Creates side boob
  • Due to wider diameter of the implant it creates more cleavage
  • Lifts and centralises the nipple position
  • Natural appearance

Round Implants

The more commonly used implants which typically will achieve more upper pole fullness and slightly rounder appearance. This breast implant is completely symmetrical and is best suited to those with a ounder natural breast shape, minimal breast sagging (ptosis) and a central nipple placement.

Choose round implants if you have:

  • Central nipple placement
  • Minimum sagging in the breasts
  • A rounder natural breast shape

Benefits of Round Breast Implants

  • No shape disruption alteration in the case of implant rotation
  • Affordable in price
  • Increase upper pole fullness
  • Create cleavage lines

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