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We’re often asked how long breast implants last after breast augmentation.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide a one-size-fits-all answer. The longevity of implants varies from person to person, depending on lifestyle, the body and implant type.

It’s often said that implants will last around 10 years, however many women are happy with their implants up to 20 years after their procedure.

With time, we’ve seen an improvement in the quality of breast implants, allowing women to hold off replacing them for longer. These days, the most common reason for replacement or removal is a change in personal preference, rather than complications arising.

Procedure options

Our Removal/Replacement procedure provides a number of options depending on what you’re looking to achieve, including:

  • Replace the type of implant: from saline to silicone
  • Replace the size of implant: reduce/increase cup size
  • Remove implant entirely

This procedure can also be combined with a breast lift.

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