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What is a Mini Boob Job?

What is a Mini Boob Job?

At Cosmetic Evolution, we get a lot of questions about the Mini Boob Job! Have you been wondering what a mini boob job might be? The mini boob job is a type of breast augmentation which involves a smaller implant which is good for certain body types. If you have a very lean or petite body this might be the right procedure for you. It’s especially great for women who are under a size 6 dress size! We’ve had a number of petite influencers undergo breast augmentation surgery with us opting for a mini boob job. The results are so subtle a lot of their fans don’t even know they’ve had it done!

Smaller breast implants can be the perfect solution for lean bodies, athletes and petite women
Quite commonly, people have different ideas and thoughts when it comes to breast augmentation, especially around the size and style of implants to reach the desired result. We highly recommend educating yourself, as there are many many ways and procedures to go, which always varies from woman to woman.
It has come to our attention that, among some women, there is a growing trend towards getting a slightly smaller breast implant size, compared to what we’ve typically seen at the Sydney clinic in the past.
A smaller Breast Implant
So what makes the mini boob job different to a standard breast augmentation? Most commonly, the Mini Boob Job involves a smaller breast implant between 150cc and 275cc. Compared to the standard breast implant which is typically between 275cc and 400cc it’s a slightly smaller volume.
The procedure itself is very similar to traditional breast augmentation, the main differences are the implant size, the positioning of the implant and the type of implant.

Getting a smaller breast implant can be a great idea if it suits your body type – but it’s not for everyone. For some frames, it does not give enough effect, but a normal breast implant would. Therefore it’s always important to undergo a consultation, you can never compare someone else’s body and results to your own body.

We’ve put together three reasons why a mini boob job might be for you:

Reason 1: The mini boob job enhances a smaller frame
If you have a smaller or more athletic body frame – the Mini Boob Job will generally appeal to you. The more natural and smaller breast enhancement will not only suit your body type better but also your lifestyle in some cases (athletes).
The procedure has been popular since it increases the volume and enhances the breast but it doesn’t dramatically increase the breast size. It gives a more natural result and the risk for premature sagging or other skin concerns is very low, especially for petite women with thin breast skin. Now, who doesn’t want a cleavage that has had subtle enhancements?

Reason 2: Ideal for someone who wants to achieve something more conservative/discreet!
Many factors play a role when getting familiar with the right breast augmentation procedure for you. Height, skin type, lifestyle, physique and desired result are all factors that your surgeon will take into consideration. Like mentioned before – our expectations on the outcome can differ significantly and it’s important that we are respecting our bodies.

Reason 3: You don’t want the heaviness of a large implant size affect your day to day
For some women, having less breast volume can be beneficial. The larger breast implants are heavy to carry for a petite body and can result in back pain and discomfort.
The Mini Boob Job can, in some of these cases, be the better alternative. The smaller implant size can still provide as much enhancement but will appear more natural and balanced.
During your consultation, your surgeon will go through every aspect of your lifestyle and body type to find the best procedure possible. Our Sydney clinic offers a beautiful environment and many well-experienced surgeons. At Cosmetic Evolution – you are in safe hands.


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