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10 Tummy Tuck Benefits 

Abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck” is a procedure that removes excess skin and fat around the abdominal area and can also be used to restore damaged muscles due to childbirth or overweight. The procedure is custom made for the patient’s needs but it always reveals a slimmer and more toned midsection, as well as many other benefits presented in this article. Today we will share with you some benefits of this surgery.

1. You’ll look and feel better 

One of the most common motivations to get abdominoplasty is the improvements to the patient’s appearance. The procedure can remove stretch marks, excess skin and stubborn fat depots which will give you a slimmer look and it allows you to wear slimmer fitting clothes again. 

2. You’ll feel more comfortable in your clothing

A tummy tuck can improve how  your clothes fit. Some patients find that they can wear tighter clothing and can avoid hiding under loosely fitted clothes.  

3. It’ll improve your confidence

Because of the physical improvements from tummy tuck surgery, many patients find an improvement of their confidence and self-esteem. By removing the excess tissue, you may feel more comfortable in your own skin which will lead to many positive side effects in your life. 

4. Your core strength will improve 

After pregnancy or weight fluctuations, it’s common for the abdominal muscles to weaken, detach and become more distant from each other. Since the area is already damaged – it usually won’t respond to exercise and additional help is needed to recover.  Tummy Tuck surgery can tighten and recover the stretched out muscles back into shape which will give you the chance to strengthen your core again. The tightening of your abdomen also includes the upper pubic area, which commonly can have an excess fat depot. 

5. Your posture will improve

The tightened abdominal muscles will provide better support for your spine, which will improve your posture. This allows you to sit down and stand up straighter. The removal of excess skin tissue and fat will also prevent your body weight to pull you forward, which is another factor to improve your posture. 

6. You’ll experience less back pain 

Since abdominoplasty strengthens the core and allows you to improve your posture, you will have straighter spine alignment and will therefore decrease any back pain. Your core muscles will be able to balance out your overworked back muscles, which will make it easier for you to maintain good posture. 

7. You’ll be able to exercise easier 

Having excess abdominal fat and tissue can limit your flexibility and range of motion. You may also feel heavy and uncomfortable during exercise. When having the excess tissue removed, you will feel lighter and stronger (due to the recovery of your core muscles) and exercise becomes more enjoyable. 

8. You’ll be more motivated to keep a stable weight

We have seen that many patients that have had tummy tuck surgery, quite commonly feel more motivated to keep their new weight afterwards. The removal of abdominal fat also reduces the levels of appetite affecting hormones produced in the lower abdominal area, and the patient commonly feels less hungry. Since the procedure reduces hunger and improves the ability to exercise it also helps to keep the patient at a good weight. 

9. Your bladder control may improve
If you are experiencing incontinence (common after childbirth or damaged core muscles) you may experience an improved bladder control after the procedure. The improved core strength will help to control your urinary functions. 

10.  You will reduce possible health risks 

Excess fat and skin tissue in the abdominal area can be connected to a number of health problems including diabetes, fungal infections, liver disease, heart disease and more. The excess tissue can also put pressure on your internal organs which can interrupt their functions. By removing the excess tissue the risks of these problems may be reduced which is an important benefit from abdominoplasty. 

If you are considering a tummy tuck, get in contact with one of our experienced surgeons at Cosmetic Evolution today! We will take your body type, general health and desired result into consideration during your consultation and we are always happy to answer your questions. 



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