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Top 5 Breast Augmentation FAQs

At CE we love to answer your questions. We know that surgery is a lifelong decision that should only be considered once you have done your research. If you’re at the start of your research journey, why not get in touch with one of our senior consultants today!

1: How much do breast implants cost?
Prices for breast implants vary – which is why we give starting prices on our website. The price varies depending on the implant type chosen and whether your anatomy allows for a straight breast augmentation (or requires additional procedures such as pole tightening, areolar reduction or nipple reduction), however the majority of patients are able to proceed with a standard breast augmentation alone. This includes surgeon fees, anaesthetist fees, theatre costs, the cost of implants, post-surgery care, as well as any ongoing check-ups.

2: How do I choose the right Implant?

When going to a consultation – make sure you do not have preconceived ideas about the exact implant you wish to insert. Our surgeons will be there for you through the whole process of selecting your implants.
Most important is to choose what looks appropriate on your body’s frame; still, much of the decision-making comes down to personal preference. But remember that teamwork makes the dreamwork, so working closely with your surgeon will give you realistic expectations of outcomes.

We recommend considering these factors:

  • Size – The size is measured in cubic centimetres (CC’s) and can not be compared to traditional bra cup sizes. You will need to assess this with your surgeon at your consultation.
  • Shape – Teardrop shaped implants are thinner at the top and fill out to a bigger projection point, looking very much like a natural breast. Round breast implants are circular and can sometimes rotate slightly once positioned, but without distorting the shape of the breast.
  • Composition – The majority of implants in Australia are silicone gel.

3: Can you make me look like this?

Showing an image of a result you like as a reference can in some cases be a good idea. This is helpful in determining what someone prefers (and perhaps doesn’t like), as well as ensuring you and your surgeon are on the same page regarding your desired outcome. The issue here can sometimes be when patients see a breast shape or size they like and expects it to look the same on them; your pre-op anatomy will largely determine your post-operative result. If you don’t have the same chest shape as the reference image (but just on a smaller scale), you may need some manner of reconstructive work to achieve this result.

4: Will my implant sit over or under the muscle?
A submuscular placement could possibly result in a softer appearance, whereas a subglandular option usually looks more rounded. The main reason why many choose to place the implant under the muscle is the extra tissues sitting over the upper edge of the implant. However, it is not unusual that many women choose to have their implants placed above the muscle. One big advantage is to avoid unwanted movement that can happen with submuscular implants. Considerations for breast-feeding in the future may also drive the choice as to where your preferred placement is. Your surgeon will discuss the best option for you, your anatomy and other lifestyle factors.

5: Will I have to stay overnight?
A breast augmentation is in the medical world considered a safe, relatively straightforward procedure and usually a day surgery under general anaesthetic is enough. Being fit and healthy when undergoing breast augmentation creates the possibilities of a quicker recovery with less pain. During your consultation, our surgeon will inform you about every aspect of the procedure, including recovery and post surgery care.

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