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Tweakments include cosmetic procedures that are more targeted and less obvious.

They are typically less invasive, quicker and require less downtime. They are optimisations to specific areas of the body while still maintaining your natural features. Think sharpened jawlines, naturally full lips and fillers to reduce any hollowness and refresh the appearance.

There is also a rise in beauty treatments as a form of tweakments. Microblading brows, eyelash extensions and facials including microdermabrasion, all create micro-optimisations to enhance natural features.

Lorelei, our marketing manager at CE, is the perfect example of how tweakments create subtle enhancements that are not noticeable. Opting for small doses of lip fillers and cheek fillers, as well as eyelash extensions and microbladed brows, we think she looks amazing.

If you are looking to refine and tweak a specific area, a tweakment may be right for you. Our Southport clinic offers dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, so contact our team if you want to find out how tweakments can help you.

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