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This week we interview the beautiful Sophie who recently visited our Southport clinic.

What was your experience post surgery?
I am feeling so amazing after surgery. From the minute I woke up from surgery I have been in love with my breasts. I am looking forward to wearing outfits without the need of a pushup bra for any cleavage. My surgery has impacted my life as I am now so confident with my chest size. I am able to wear all types of clothing without being scared. The healing process was a breeze. I have been careful with my breasts with work, gym, everyday activities etc. they have healed really good and I am so happy with them.

What implants did you select?
I went with 455CC High Profile, we went this size because it was the perfect size for my frame as I wanted that ‘fake boob’ look without it being too much or too big.

What advice would you give to someone starting their journey?
Listen to your surgeon and trust the process. Your boobs change every week and they get better and better and go one size bigger then what you want. Before I spoke with Dr Kwok I was thinking 375CC from what I was hearing with girls etc. I am so glad I went bigger!

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