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Smooth vs Textured Implants

Smooth vs Textured Implants

There is no one implant which suits all people. Silicone Breast Implants come in various shapes, profiles and sizes with a choice of coverings, smooth or textured.

It is always best to discuss your individual requirements with your surgeon at your consultation, who will advise you of the most appropriate implant for you. Each type holds their own advantages and disadvantages.

Smooth implants have a polished shell which provides a more natural result, particularly when placed over the muscle. They tend to last longer, have less incidence of rippling and cost less than textured implants.

However, there is an increased risk of capsular contracture, where the scar tissue that forms around the implants hardens. Migration is also a risk, which is the movement of the implants from their original position.

Textured implants have a rougher shell. There is a lower incidence of migration as the implants adhere to the surrounding tissues. It is for this reason that all teardrop implants are textured, as movement of this shaped implant would distort the breast appearance. There is also a decreased risk of developing capsular contracture.

However textured implants have been associated with an increased risk of displaying rippling over time in areas where the skin is thinnest, such as the outsides or base of the breasts.

If you wish to find out which implant is best for you, book a consultation with one of our surgeons. Video consults are also available for interstate patients.