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Post-surgery foods to ease recovery

Post-surgery foods to ease recovery


The great thing about almonds is that you don’t need to do anything to prepare them; they’re just ready for you to munch on straight away. While they’re not exactly a nutritious meal, almonds are the perfect snack during recovery as they are high in vitamin E and good fats, thought to play a role in healing wounds and building scar tissue. 

Sweet potatoes 

Apart from being absolutely YUM and easy to add to literally every recipe, sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A, which will help cell growth and boost your immune system. It’s important to be very careful after surgery, as your body will be working hard to recover and will have less energy to fight off pesky little irritants like a cold.


This one is pretty intuitive - who doesn’t love a nice hot bowl of soup when you’re feeling a bit under the weather? Thick vegetable soups are good for nutrition as well as making you feel warm from the inside out. It’s also really easy to make, and will last you a while since it can be reheated.