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On and after your day of surgery

It is a legal requirement that you are discharged into the care of a responsible adult. Your escort must be available to return when requested. It is recommended that they remain in close proximity to the practice. If the situation arises that you cannot organise an escort, then contact our friendly staff. They will give you details of a nursing agency that provide carers to look after you post-procedure. This service will be a private arrangement between yourself and the Agency and at your own cost.

We will call your escort when you are out of theatre and in recovery. Your escort will have to park where possible and come to the reception desk. Your escort will be directed where to go to fill your medication script for post-operative pain relief. After your operation you will be asked to follow detailed instructions upon your discharge. These may include wound or medication instructions. We advise that your responsible adult be with you during these discussions as it is important your discharge instructions are understood.

When you are ready to leave, directions will be given to your carer by recovery staff as to where to park the car. You and your escort will be accompanied by a member of recovery staff to your vehicle. If your carer does not have a vehicle, we can organise a taxi for you. A separate flat rate ($20) will apply for bookings between Cosmetic Evolution and local hotels.