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We sat down with our Sydney clinic Nurse, Fiona, who shared her top tips on exercise after a Breast Augmentation.

This is a general guide on recommencing exercise after breast surgery. Make sure you discuss with your practice nurse in your consultations to determine what is best for you.

1 week: Commence light walking/strolling

3 weeks: Resume light cardio and lower body exercises, such as squats, lunges or stationary bike. No arm exercises, as it will place too much pressure on the chest.

6 weeks: Resume running and exercising at the gym, including upper body exercises and light weights. The chest muscles will fatigue quickly due to the muscle stretching from the procedure and the decrease in function as a result of not working out. Make sure you listen to your body and rebuild your strength slowly.

12 weeks: It is recommended to wait until 12 weeks to resume exercises that place body weight on the chest muscles. These include push ups, chin ups, yoga, pilates, pole fitness, boxing etc.

Remember to listen to your body when exercising after surgery. Be patient and rebuild your fitness gradually.

If you wish to find out more, request a consultation. Your surgeon and nurse will go through your typical exercise regime and discuss in more depth what you can and can’t do. Video consultations are also available for interstate patients.

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