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What was your experience post surgery?
My breast augmentation journey began when I decided to go through Cosmetic Evolution. I spoke with lovely Emily Rice, one of the consultants at the Southport clinic, where she answered all of my initial questions regarding payments/finance, dates for consults and surgery, the processes involved and how the day of surgery would run. Emily was kind and empathetic and made me comfortable from the beginning, just by speaking to her via the phone. My confidence and body image has changed so much. I have never felt so happy within my own body. I am looking forward to buying new clothes, bras and lingerie that fit my new body (which is one of the reasons I wanted new boobs, to be able to comfortably wear beautiful and feminine that actually fit nicely on me).

What implants did you select?
I chose 425cc, round silicone implants that were placed under the muscle. I preferred the look of the implant under the muscle and I trusted Dr Flynn that this size implant would suit my body most. I have recovered and healed from the surgery very well and flawlessly. The first week post operatively was when I was most sore, but the pain goes away quite quickly. I really like how Dr Flynn got me to try on the bra with different sized implants to choose what size suited me. I am six weeks​ post-op and I am feeling amazing.

What advice would you give to someone starting their journey?
My advice for anyone starting their breast augmentation journey would be to have good support around you post op to help you shower, get dressed, help with cooking and meals etc. To be equipped with comfy pyjamas and clothing with buttons to wear after surgery as you’ll be too sore to lift your arms above your head. To eat as healthy as possible and drink plenty of water to help with recovery. Lastly, to wear your post op bra 24/7 just as your surgeon advises. Trust and enjoy the process! It was the best decision that I have made.

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