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This week, we interview Dr Rosenbaum’s recent client and girl boss in the making Sophia!

What bra size were you and what size did you achieve?
I started as a 12B. I’m now a 12DDD/E depending on the bra.

What implants did you select?
High profile round Motiva implants.

Why did you decide to make the change?

I saved for surgery from the age of 16 & once I finally hit my goal weight & I graduated with my second law degree, I finally decided it was time to reward myself with my surgery. This was the best decision I ever made. It boosted my confidence in ways I can’t explain. Most of all, it made me feel so feminine and sexy, which is something I never felt before. I also had a threading lift in my right breast which changed things as well. It made my boobs finally sit evenly, I no longer needed a bit of extra padding to make them look even. I could finally just look in the mirror & love myself. It was the best graduation gift I could’ve given myself after so many years of yearning to have them done. Thank you to everyone at cosmetic evolution who made me feel at home, made the process easy, painless & most of all FUN! Big love!

What advice would you give to someone about to start their journey?

The advice I’d give to someone is to love yourself before you decide to have surgery. I taught myself that even though I might not be entirely happy with my chest, that I have other great qualities to offer & with time I learned to love my entire body. It was only then that I said it was time to make the enhancement I wanted for so many years & that’s what pushed me to book my surgery. Self love had to come first for me. I wanted to be happy before & after. The after results are the cherry on the cake!

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