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Tell us about your experience! 

Dr. Kenny was my surgeon and he just helped me decide on what size was the best and safest fit for my petite frame (and I’m so glad I had my “mini” breast augmentation) since it still looks so natural on my body. He was extremely helpful answering all question and concerns and helped to ease my mind about the procedure so that it made me feel extremely confident in the decision.

What was your experience post surgery?

Post surgery I surprisingly experienced no pain and I’m so excited that they are healed and I am working out again. I have only experienced positives from the surgery. I am so much happier and the recovery didn’t impede my life at all. I feel confident and fit all my clothes perfectly without having to size up since I didn’t go overly big. The healing process was easy, could easily go through it again.

What bra size were you and what size did you achieve?

I was probably and A and now I’m a full B or small C.  I wanted a Hight Profile 200cc Smooth Round implant, I wanted High Profile for the fullness and Smooth for peace of mind. I went under the muscle for the look and security.

What advice would you give to someone about to start their journey?

My advice is simply do your research, have all questions and concerns ready for your consultation and don’t feel pressured. You should feel safe and confident with your surgeon and decision. Give yourself time to decide and talk to others about their experience. When looking at before and afters make sure you are looking at people with similar a size and frame to you.

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