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Our top piece of advice for anyone wishing to go ahead with a surgical procedure is pretty simple. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Which is why we wanted to take the time to interview the lovely Madeline so that you can learn from her experience with us.

Tell us about your experience!
I had my surgery at the Sydney branch. I wasn’t pushed or felt obligated to even have my surgery performed by them. They were extremely honest and are perfectionist. So if they believe you aren’t the right candidate for what you have opted to have done, they will be completely honest.

What was your experience post surgery?
My life has already completely changed just by being happy. This is because I feel confident. After struggling with PPD due to body changes I never expected to actually go through with something like this until I finally made the decision to meet with my surgeon in Sydney. It was perfect and we both agreed, so I knew my results would be amazing.

My healing process was also a breeze, I thought this would the be hardest part with an 11 month old. I didn’t have any complications and within 2 weeks I was pretty well fully healed. My local doctor actually said she has seen a lot of incisions over time and mine have been one of the best and neatest cuts she has had come in and also asked who my surgeon was as she said how impressive he is.

What implants did you select?

I had a full anchor lift, implants 400cc and 325cc round textured and dual plane. I was roughly a 10B (deflated) I’m now a 12AE.

What are you most excited about wearing?
I’m so excited to wear a nice bikini and tight dresses again.

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