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It’s never too late to change who you are and become the person you’ve always dreamed of being. Don’t take our word for it, take it from Debra who has achieved an incredible transformation WHICH we are honoured to have been part of. 

Tell us about your experience! 
Well I am 4 weeks Post Breast Augmentation with Mastopexy. My surgery was done on 4/11/20 which was my 60th Birthday present to myself and let me tell you all I am over the moon with my results! My journey started with Kay my lovely consultant at the Southport Day Hospital. All the staff were beautiful, friendly and so supporting as I was questioning myself if I was too old to do this.

What was your experience post surgery?
I am so glad that I did choose to go through with the surgery as I now have confidence through the roof and can definitely say it was without a doubt the best thing I have ever done for myself besides loosing 52 kilos living a Ketogenic lifestyle (the reason for my surgery)… I love my results and can highly recommend the team!

What implants did you select? 

We choose the 415cc round high profile implants on top of the muscle for me as I wanted larger breasts and at my age will never have another opportunity to size up. I am now wearing a size 36 DD/E post surgical bra at the moment and will not know my true size for another two weeks when I have a bra fitting. I actually didn’t really know my bra size pre surgery was as I had lost all volume to my breasts that just hung there like wind socks haha.. I used to just tuck my saggy breasts into a push-up bra and hope for the best.. I feel fantastic and am healing at an amazingly fast rate and absolutely love having a cleavage.. I can’t stop looking at it myself .. was it worth it .. ABSOLUTELY!

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