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What implants did you decide on and why?

Myself and my surgeon chose 620cc round textured implants for my breast augmentation. Due to pregnancy and breastfeeding my breasts became very saggy and deflated. To prevent having a breast lift, we decided that a larger implant would be beneficial to achieve the desired look I hoped for.

Why did you decide to make the change?

Having a breast augmentation was always something I desired after two of my pregnancies. I no longer felt confident in my body or my clothing. So I went ahead with my breast surgery. Once my implants had settled I felt instantly more confident. I could finally wear a bikini with confidence and having perky breast again feels amazing!

Who was your surgeon and how many consultations did you have before making a decision?
My Surgeon was Dr Kenny at the Southport clinic. He was amazing! I had 2 consultations with Dr Kenny before my surgery. The first time I met Dr Kenny I knew I could trust him to perform my surgery. He was very professional and friendly. The whole team at Southport we’re so lovely.

As a mother, how was your experience breastfeeding?
I had my breast augmentation after my second child and later fell pregnant with my third child. I did always worry about how my pregnancy and breastfeeding would affect my implants, and how the implants may effect me breastfeeding my baby, but I had no issue at all and went on to successfully feed my baby.

What would be your advice to people starting their journey?
To any ladies out there on your journey to breast surgery, I wish you all the best. Having my surgery really did change my life for the better.

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