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Tell us about your experience!

I feel like a new person! The type and size of implant was a perfect fit and I feel like they are still my own boobs.  My confidence has sky rocketed, I love my body and feel that I am now perfectly proportioned and feel amazing in everything I wear.

What was your experience post surgery?

After the first 3 days I was able to completely stop the strong pain killers and keep on top with Panadol. I was showering alone on day 3 and doing things I didn’t think I would be able to, without pushing the limits! My surgeon gave me the best advice about how to care for them at every stage, even after the six weeks point, which is something most girls don’t take on board and they tips on things I had never heard about prior to meeting my surgeon and doing my research.

What implants did you select?

II was a 10B in a push up bra and I now wear 10DD! We selected a 355cc extra high profile implant with a sub-muscular placement. I always said that if I was to pay for boobs I would want to come out of surgery with big boobs but not bolt ons and my surgeon took that perfectly and fitted me with the perfect size.

What advice would you give to someone starting their journey?

Have images of what your desired look is but don’t go in with a locked in cc size as every body type is different and your Dr will work with you to get your desired look. Be open to taking suggestions from your surgeon as they know what is best!

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