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Research Topics

Which Implant Shape Should I Choose?

During your research you’ve probably found it overwhelming trying to understand the many variations, shapes and sizes. At CE, we believe that the more informed you are about the different types of implants and variations before getting your surgery – the results you will get from your breast augmentation will be realistic. Round and Teardrop are the two available breast…

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Top 5 Breast Augmentation FAQs

At CE we love to answer your questions. We know that surgery is a lifelong decision that should only be considered once you have done your research. If you’re at the start of your research journey, why not get in touch with one of our senior consultants today! 1: How much do breast implants cost? Prices for breast implants vary…

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Breast augmentation shapes, surfaces and size

During your research, you will come across a number of breast implant shapes, surfaces and sizes. Learning which is right for you is highly dependent on your body shape. If you’re at the start of your research phase, we recommend taking the time to speak with one of our experienced consultants first so that you are prepared at your surgeon…

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