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Breast Implants Removal and Replacement

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“The fine line between aesthetics and medicine starts with the plastic surgeon’s experience and specialist skills, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.”

Breast Implants Removal and Replacement

Breast revision post augmentation may be considered by many women at various life stages and for many different reasons. Options for discussion with your surgeon, in a comprehensive consultation, can range from removing the breast implants alone, changing to a larger or smaller size or replacing the existing implants with a different brand of implant.

Breast Implants Removal & Replacement includes:
    • A Comprehensive consultation with your surgeon
    • Surgery time 2-3 hours
    • Anaesthesia: General anaesthetic administered by a dedicated ANZCA qualified anaesthetist
    • Hospitalisation: Day procedure (expect to stay 4-5 hours) however in some circumstances an overnight stay may be necessary
    • Post operative appointments at all milestones with our nurse at 1 week, 6 weeks (with your surgeon), 12 weeks, 6 months, 12 months and 2 years post op
    • Individual results may vary from patient to patient 

What should I discuss during my consultation?

You should discuss your desired look and lifestyle with your surgeon. He or she can then inform you of all the available surgical options to best suit your body type and proportions. Your surgeon will take your medical history, conduct some routine examinations and take measurements to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for your desired procedure.


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