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Client Feature: Kirra J

What was your experience post surgery? This surgery has given me so much more confidence within my self, it feels so good to be able to finally fit into swimmers and clothes. Healing has been a breeze! I felt really good after surgery,  it was a quick recovery which was amazing for me as I have two young children. What…

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Client Feature: Sammy G

Tell us about your experience! My surgeon was so honest and just amazing with the whole thing. I learnt so much about my breasts that I didn’t know. I’m so in love with my new boobs I couldn’t be happier! What was your experience post surgery? Recovery wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be the first 4 days…

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Client Feature: Bree L

Tell us about your experience! I feel like a new person! The type and size of implant was a perfect fit and I feel like they are still my own boobs.  My confidence has sky rocketed, I love my body and feel that I am now perfectly proportioned and feel amazing in everything I wear. What was your experience post…

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Client Feature: Jasmine B

Tell us about your experience! I’m feeling amazing!  At first I was very nervous but everyone made me feel very comfortable and answered every question I had. I’m so excited for how I look now when I put on dresses or bikinis. It was my friends who referred me to doctor Kenny! What was your experience post surgery? Healing is…

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Client Feature: Debra

It’s never too late to change who you are and become the person you’ve always dreamed of being. Don’t take our word for it, take it from Debra who has achieved an incredible transformation WHICH we are honoured to have been part of. Tell us about your experience! Well I am 4 weeks Post Breast Augmentation with Mastopexy. My surgery was done on…

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Client Feature: Madeline M

Our top piece of advice for anyone wishing to go ahead with a surgical procedure is pretty simple. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Which is why we wanted to take the time to interview the lovely Madeline so that you can learn from her experience with us. Tell us about your experience! I had my surgery at the Sydney branch. I wasn’t…

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Client Feature: Hannah H

Tell us about your experience! My consultant was Emily from the Southport Clinic and she was fabulous. I found her easy to talk to and very helpful with all of my questions. My surgeon was Dr. Hertess. What was your experience post surgery? It’s been such a positive change, I honestly feel the best I have in years, I’m so happy.  I’m…

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Client Feature: Shay P

Tell us about your experience!  My beautiful consultant was Emily from Southport, she was so supportive with answering all of my questions and my surgery dates changing because of Covid. I felt like I could ring and ask about anything which made me feel really comfortable. My Surgeon was the famous Doctor Kenny! I actually picked this company because I…

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