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5 things to do while recovering from surgery

5 things to do while recovering from surgery

Listen to audiobooks 

When you’re on pain medication, reading can become difficult and your eyes can get tired. Instead, listen to audiobooks and let yourself get caught up in the beauty of a good story. 

Use the time to pamper! 

This is the perfect time to really treat your skin, hair and nails. Make some home made face masks or buy some before you go in for surgery, so they’re there and ready to apply as soon as you get home. 

Get lost in Pinterest 

Pinterest is one of the best sites for going down the internet rabbit hole, it’s also a fantastic and inspirational time-waster! 

Start a new series 

We all love a good binge watch, and while you’re still recovering, this is the perfect time to get stuck into a new show. Some binge-worthy, light-hearted shows include Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jane the Virgin, The Bachelor, Orange Is The New Black, Parks and Recreation and so many more (most are on Netflix!). You’ll be begging to stay in bed! 

Learn a new skill 

There are hundreds of tutorials on the internet, so why don’t you buckle down and finally learn to do something you’ve always wanted to do? You could learn sewing, knitting, drawing, coding, or you could even master a new language!   Your downtime after surgery definitely does not have to be boring. Use that time well ladies!